Hello and Happy Holidays to our esteemed and wonderful clients,

This note is just to inform you all of a couple changes we’ll be making around the new year. The regulatory agency that oversees Barbering has set in motion a vast and comprehensive list of new regulations for our trade in the great State of Colorado, these regulations are mostly around sanitation and up until recently were fairly simple and easy to comply. We will be closing down our Tennyson Location January 1, 2 and 3rd for fairly comprehensive remodel mostly in aid of compliance, but also because it’s just time. We will do all we can with our Sherman location and some Tennyson barbers to accommodate everyone’s needs. You, our clients/ friends are what makes us Proper.

In addition, due to the nature of these new regulations, our barbers will need every minute of our allotted appointment times.

If you have a tendency towards running late or no-showing, please keep in mind that it has just become exponentially more important for us to stay on time. There is an option on Schedulicity to opt-in for text message reminders. We recommend everyone signs up for that. If you are habitually late, we will opt you in ourselves. Also, from 2017 forward, no call/ no shows will be met in kind after the third time per year. . we will refer you to a shop that doesn’t have such a policy. The only one that comes to mind, rhymes with Boyd’s.

Our cancellation policy is quite fair, we understand things come up. If you can’t make it, please call within two hours. There are plenty of people whom that particular time works well. Obviously, if you get a flat tire or something on the way, we get it. Entirely. Otherwise, cancellations made after the two-hour window has closed will be treated as no-shows. Also, our late policy will remain 10 minutes as that’s as much as we can possibly afford. So to give each client the attention you all pay for.

As of January 2, our prices will also go up $5 per service across the board. We last raised our prices in 1/15 and I think we can all agree that your excellent Barber, like everyone else, deserves a raise here and there.

We continue to commit to offer not only the best all-around barbers in the city but also the cleanest, and most fun.

We wish you all a happy/ healthy and prosperous new year.

-Jordan and Ryan



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this isn't your mother's salon or grandpappy's barber shop. we focus on fostering community as much as we dedicate time to perfecting our craft. grooming for the greater good isn't a fucking tagline... it's our promise to each and every person that sits in one of our chairs.